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Tidal Bot is a custom bot for Discord made in Java that uses the Java Discord API. Tidal Bot includes a built in music bot as well as a basic chat bot. The bot can be configured to best fit the server it's connected to. It also includes a wide range of entertainment and utility commands as well as custom commands.

Key Features
  • Music Bot
  • Chat Bot
  • Bot Configuration
  • Entertainment Commands
  • Utility Commands
  • Custom Commands

About the Music Bot

The music bot equipped into Tidal Bot is able to play musuc from a range of sources into a connected voice channel. Sources included YouTube, SoundCloud, Twitch, Mixer, and any direct link to a sound or video file. The music bot also has the ability to play Twitch and Mixer streams live to the voice channel. Commands for the music bot are shown below. As a bot commander, a user can ban someone from using music commands by using the command !togglemusic <username>.

About the Chat Bot

Tidal Bot also has a built in chat bot. Though, it is very basic and will only chat within a limited range of topics. Start of by saying "Hey Tidal Bot" in a text channel. The chat bot can be disabled by using the command !togglear and you can opt-in to be blacklisted from the chat bot by using the command !arblacklist. Also, there are some easter eggs with the chat bot that can be triggered by various messages (Try saying "What is life" and see what happens).


The bot is able to be configured to better fit the guild it's connected to. One of the most important configs for the bot is bot commander. Bot commanders have special privileges such as adding other commanders, toggling commands, and more (see Commands below). Bot commanders can be added by running the command !botcommander followed by pinging the user you would like to add (Ex: !botcommander @MiningMark48#6817). Please note that all server owners have full access to the bot's commands. The bot can also be configured to toggle commands. This means that commands can be disabled by a bot commander. This is done by doing the command !togglecommand followed by the name of the command you want to disable (Ex: !togglecommand ping). Repeating the command will re-enable the command that was previously disabled.

Entertainment and Utility Commands

Besides the music and chat bot, Tidal Bot also has a range of entertainment and utlity commands. Some of these commands include "prune" and "trivia". View the listing of the commands below.

Command Types

  • Normal Commands that can be used by everyone.
  • Bot Commander Commands that can only be used by people added as a bot commander, users with special bot permissions.
  • Music Commands that are for the music bot.


Below is a list of commands available for Tidal Bot. Currently, there are 0 commands.

Note: Table may be out-of-date.

Name Type Usage with key: ! Action
Commands Normal cmds Have the bot DM you a list of commands.
Help Normal help <command> Get description and usage for a specific command.
YouTube Search Normal youtubesearch <query> Searches YouTube for a specific video.
Translate Normal translate [language code] <query> Translates a phrase using a language code (Default is English to Spanish).
Mixer User Normal mixeruser <channel name> Gets info about a channel on Mixer.
YouTube User Normal youtubeuser <channel name> Gets info about a channel on YouTube.
Twitch User Normal twitchuser <channel name> Gets info about a channel on Twitch.
Patreon Normal patreon Support me on Patreon!
Bot Info Normal botinfo Gets information about the bot.
Poll Normal poll <question> Ask a two-option poll
Create QR Code Normal qrcodecreate <text> Creates a QR code with provided text.
Number to Text Normal numtoword <number> Converts a number to its text equivalent (Ex: 10 > ten)
Server Invite Normal serverinvite Provides a link to add the bot to a Discord server (Currently private, so bot can't join).
Coin Flip Normal coinflip Flips a coin, heads or tails.
To Binary Normal tobinary <number> Converts a number to binary.
Dice Roll Normal diceroll [number] Rolls a dice. Can supply number for multiple rolls.
Disabled Commands Normal disabledcommands View all the disabled commands.
List Bots Normal listbots List all the bots in the guild.
Bark Normal bark Bark, Bark.
Pastebin Normal pastebin <pastebin code> Displays a Pastebin from the supplied code.
Fizzbuzz Normal fizzbuzz <number> Fizz! Buzz!
Bot Stats Normal botstats Gets stats about the bot.
Ping Normal ping Gets the bot's ping (Connection speed to Discord in millseconds).
Source Code Normal sourcecode Get a link to view the bot's source code.
8 Ball Normal 8ball [number] Roll a Magic 8-Ball. Supply a number to roll that many times.
AR Blacklist Normal arblacklist Add yourself to the blacklist for the chat bot.
Curse Data Normal cursedata <username> Get stats for a CurseForge profile.
Emoji Eval Normal emojieval <emoji> Will evaluate and emoji.
Geo IP Normal geoip <ip address/website> Will provide the location to an IP or website.
GitHub User Normal githubuser <username> Will provide information to a user on GitHub.
Guild Info Normal guildinfo Will provide information about the guild.
LMGTFY Normal lmgtfy <query> Let the bot Google that for you.
List Commands Normal listcommands Will list all the custom commands for the guild.
Pig Latin Normal piglatin <text> Translates a message to Pig Latin.
Rock, Paper, Scissors Normal rps <r/p/s> Play rock, paper, scissors with the bot.
Slap Normal slap <username> Slap someone in the guild.
To Roman Numerals Normal toromannum <number> Converts a number to roman numerals.
Trivia Normal trivia <easy/medium/hard> [seconds] Play trivia!
Uptime Normal uptime View how long the bot has been online.
Say Bot Commander say <message> Make the bot say something.
Summon Bot Commander summon Summons the bot to the voice channel you're in.
View Config Bot Commander viewconfig <config type> Views the config for the guild based on the type. Don't supply args for type listing.
Edit Command Bot Commander editcommand <command name> <text> Edit a custom command
Add Command Bot Commander add <command name> <text> Add a custom command
Delete Command Bot Commander editcommand <command name> Delete a custom command
Bot Commander Bot Commander botcommander <username> Adds someone as a bot commander by pinging them.
List Banned Music Users Bot Commander listbannedmusic Shows everyone that's banned from using music commands.
Toggle AR Bot Commander togglear Toggles the bot's auto reponse abilty.
Toggle Music Bot Commander togglemusic <username> Toggles the ability for a user to be able to use music commands by pinging them.
List Commanders Bot Commander listcommanders Lists all the bot commanders in the guild.
Toggle NP Messages Bot Commander togglenpmessages Toggles the "Now Playing" messages that are shown when a track ends.
Kick Voice Bot Commander kickvoice <username> Kicks a user from a voice channel.
Prune Bot Commander prune <number> Deletes a specified amount of messages from a text channel.
Toggle Command Bot Commander togglecommand <command name> Toggles a command (enable/disable).
Announce Bot Commander announce <message> Announce a message to the channel you're in.
Play Music play <query> Play a video or stream in a voice channel.
Play Next Music playnext <query> Plays a track from the queue next.
Stop Music stop Stops the currently playing track and clears the queue.
Skip Music skip Skips the currently playing track.
Repeat Music repeat Sets the currently playing track to repeat. Run again to turn off.
Now Playing Music nowplaying Get information about the track that is currently playing.
Play Playlist Music pplay <playlist url> Play a playlist in a voice channel.
Play Random Music splayrand <query> Play a random video in a voice channel.
Repeat Once Music repeatonce Sets the currently playing track to repeat once.
Remove Music remove <query> Remove a track from the queue.
Lyrics Music lyrics <title :: artist> Fetch the lyrics for a song.
Restart Music restart Restarts the currently playing track.
Shuffle Music shuffle [number] Shuffle the queue. Supply a number to shuffle that many times.
Play Remix Music splayremix <query> Play a remix of video in a voice channel.
Pause Music pause Pauses the currently playing track.
Vote Skip Music voteskip Vote to skip the currently playing track.
Undo Music undo Will undo adding the last track added to the queue.
Resume Music resume Resumes the currently paused track.
Clear Music clear Clears the queue.
Queue Music queue Displays the queue.